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The many different types of mortgage loans available today, biweekly payment plans, how to shop for a mortgage, steps in the mortgage application process, loan closing activities and closing costs, the refinance process, second mortgages, option ARM loans, 15-year fixed loans, 100% financing, interest-only loans, 2/28 or 3/27 ARMs, hybrid option ARM loans, home buyer's guide, and more.
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Determine mortgage payments for different types of loans, view complete amortization tables, see how to repay your loan much more quickly by making additional monthly payments, compute option ARM loan payments (examples), estimate how much you can afford to borrowcalculate the income required to qualify for the particular loan, find out how your bi-weekly payments influence the loan term and the interest paid over the life of loan, calculate blended rate, and more.
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  Credit Grade Guide We have compiled a guide to help you estimate your credit grade and what type of terms you can expect from a lender.
  The Mortgage Glossary helps you understand a wide variety of mortgage and real estate terms.

Mortgage (ARM) Indexes
CMT + T- Bills + COFI + LIBOR + CODI + CD + MTA + COSI + W-COSI + RNY + Prime Rate + Avg Contract Rate
These indexes are used to calculate the new interest rate on ARMs. Market characteristics, current values, historical graphs are provided.
Note: the Wachovia COSI (W-COSI) is now: Wells Fargo Cost of Savings Index (Wells Fargo COSI).
  Mortgage-X tracks and compiles current values for almost all ARM indexes available today, which are widely used on adjustable rate mortgages.

  Our historical data search tool lets you compare the performance of any set of mortgage indexes over various periods of time. Index release dates are available.

  Our 30-year forecasts attempt to predict ARM index movements: Prime Rate Forecast, MTA Rate Forecast, CODI Rate Forecast, COSI Rate Forecast, COFI Rate Forecast.

  ARM rates tied to a lagging index rise more slowly than rates in general. See how a lagging index responds to changes in a leading index rate.
  We calculate 1-, 3-, 9-, 2-, 6-, 12, 5-, 10-, 15-year moving averages of ARM indexes.
  Our historical graphs show the long-term and six-month trends for the major indexes. 
  We compute the number of index movement direction changes per year.
  Which Index Is Better? Compare interest costs on interest-only ARMs based on historical performance of up to 17 ARM indexes.
COFI History | CODI History | MTA History | COSI History | Prime Rate History + CMT FAQ | T-Bill FAQ | MTA FAQ | COFI FAQ | LIBOR FAQ

  WSJ LIBOR History: A complete history of the daily WSJ LIBOR  +   Monthly Mortgage-X LIBOR is replacing the FNMA LIBOR index.

  Constant Maturity Treasuries: Daily CMT Histories by Year  (a.k.a. Daily Treasury Yield Curve Rates) +   Monthly CMT History

  Mortgage Market Survey
Current national average rates and points on 30 and 15-year fixed, 1-year and 5/1 combined adjustable rate mortgages, the latest mortgage market news.
  Interest Rate Trends
Historical graphs for mortgage rates on fixed adjustable rate mortgages. Three month, one year, three year and long-term trends of mortgage rates.
  Historical Mortgage Rate Data
Weekly national average rates
on 30 and 15-year fixed and 1-year adjustable rate mortgages, monthly average mortgage rates, 1992 - present.
  Treasury Market and Mortgage Rates
Mortgage rates generally rise and fall along with yields on Treasury securities, which reflect the overall direction of interest rates. Yields on 10 and 30-year Treasury securities are typically used to set long-term mortgage rates. Have a look at historical graph comparing 30 Year T-Bond vs. 30 Year FRM, Prime Rate.
  Treasury Yield Curve Dynamics
The yield curve is generally expected to be upwardly sloped. A strong upward slope shows that the market believes that yields will rise. An inverted yield curve typically indicates that the market believes that yields will decline. See how the shape of the U.S. Treasury yield curve changes over time.
  Interest Rate Forecasting: Economic Indicators
Key economic indicators used to forecast economic growth and the direction of interest rates on residential mortgages. An overview, current news release, and possible influence on the direction of interest rates are provided for each indicator.
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