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Washington Mortgage Rates
as of: December 19, 2014 { Old Date? }

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Loan Program Name # Min Rate Max Rate Avg Rate Avg Points
Conforming 30/5/1 ARM12.250%2.250%2.250%0.000%
Conforming 30/7/1 ARM12.500%2.500%2.500%0.000%
Jumbo 30/5/1 ARM12.750%2.750%2.750%0.000%
Conforming 15 year FRM12.875%2.875%2.875%0.000%
Conforming 30/10/1 ARM12.875%2.875%2.875%0.000%
Jumbo 30/7/1 ARM12.875%2.875%2.875%0.000%
FHA 15 year FRM13.000%3.000%3.000%0.000%
Jumbo 15 year FRM13.000%3.000%3.000%0.000%
VA 15 Year FRM13.000%3.000%3.000%0.000%
FHA 30 year FRM13.250%3.250%3.250%0.000%
Jumbo 30/10/1 ARM13.250%3.250%3.250%0.000%
VA 30 Year FRM13.500%3.500%3.500%0.000%
Conforming 20 year FRM13.625%3.625%3.625%0.000%
Conforming 30 year FRM13.750%3.750%3.750%0.000%
Jumbo 30 year FRM13.875%3.875%3.875%0.000%

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